At Occupational Therapy Connections LLC, we are experienced and trained in working with therapy needs that are unique to adopted children and their families.

Many children adapt easily to a new home environment upon adoption, but for some children this transition may be accompanied by challenges. Research indicates that some children who have been adopted have an increased risk for sensory processing or sensori-motor difficulties, poor reflex integration, and/or,  difficulty regulating emotions, behaviors, or attention.

At Occupational Therapy Connections we are sensitive to the early life experiences and pre-adoption situations that may influence current behavior as we evaluate a child. We have expertise and extensive experience understanding the therapy needs unique to adopted children and their families (and children who have been in foster care).  Carol Neu-Frauman and Abigail (Abby) Avery are adoption competent occupational therapists. In addition to improving sensory processing and sensori-motor function and reflex integration, we assist families in developing strategies to assist with improving regulation of emotions and behaviors.  We work closely with families to develop a treatment program that fits with family needs and concerns, and collaborate with other health care professionals who are involved in treatment.

An occupational therapy evaluation can help determine if a child has sensory processing or sensori-motor challenges or difficulty with self-regulation that may be contributing to functional difficulties. If so, occupational therapy can assist with improving processing of sensory information, skill development, overall function, sleep, and regulation of emotions and behavior.

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