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Occupational Therapy Connections LLC is one of a limited number of clinics working with teenagers and adults.African-American Male teen sitting in outdoor setting

Sensory processing difficulties can be present throughout an individual’s life, including teen-age years and adulthood. Occupational therapy intervention can be beneficial not only in childhood, but also with teenagers and adults, to address sensory processing issues. At Occupational Therapy Connections we are one of a limited number of clinics working with teenagers and adults, and we have specialty training and experience working with the unique needs of these clients. We can provide education and information regarding the client’s specific sensory processing issues and needs, in addition to treatment interventions and accomodations to improve comfort and function.

Signs of Sensory Processing Problems for Teenagers and Adults

Below is a sampling of some of the symptoms that teenagers and adults with sensory processing and sensori-motor difficulties may display. If there are concerns in any of these areas, an occupational therapy evaluation may be useful.

• Overly sensitive to touch experiences, movements, sounds, or visual inputs
• Bothered or distracted by everyday sounds that do not bother others
• Bothered by clothing (fabric, tags, seams), bathing activities, or hair care
• Sensory overload; overstimulated by environmental input
• Uncomfortable/stressed in crowded or busy environments
• Emotional blow-ups that may be unpredictable
• Difficulty calming when upset
• Picky eater
• Fear or difficulty with heights, elevators, or escalators
• Difficulty driving a car: merging with traffic, backing up, and/or driving over bridges or in tunnels
• Uncomfortable when head is tilted back, as in hair washing
• Clumsy, uncoordinated, or accident-prone
• Difficulty with changes in routines or transitions
• Difficulty falling or remaining asleep


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